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Posted by tornxfairy on 2004.07.22 at 00:50
Ok,scartch everything I had in that entry down there.*points to below entry*. If its ok with everyone, i'd like to do another one.

Full Name:Richie Romeo
Appearance (including species/ethnicity):Hes a white boy about 12. Green eyes and black hair. 5'2 maybe.
Brief History:Richie was born to a middle class family and was the middle child of 1 older sibling and 1 younger sibling. As most middle children do, He suffered from middle child syndrom. He felt unloved and unwanted.He wasn't old enough to have respect and wasn't young enough to be the baby, so he left.
Personality:Richie can be very funny and sarcastic but can have a mean attitude towards people he doesnt like.
Alignment (Good/Bad/Neutral):Hes good, but can get vicious.
Other:Richie still needs a place to call home, without feeling left out and unloved.

(Ha! thats a bit better, i'd say)

My Character Bio

Posted by tornxfairy on 2004.07.22 at 00:35
Full Name:Slightly
Appearance (including species/ethnicity):About 5'2, 100 pounds, Brown messy hair, brown eyes, and a lost boy.About 12 or 13.
Brief History:He fell our of his pram when the nurse wasnt looking, and wasn't claimed in the 7 days. Therefore he was sent to the Neverland to be a lost boy.
Personality:Funny, nice, can be tempermental, the leader.
Alignment (Good/Bad/Neutral):All Good
Other:Nothing really
(please i really wanna play this role. I have this group called the lost girls that me and my friends have. I made it up and im slightly and it means alot to me because hes the leadrer and everything. so pleeeease!)

By the way. Im Jessie, i just joined lol, i really wanted this part.

bad boy

hi ya'll

Posted by pirate_lady_09 on 2004.07.12 at 15:11
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a howdy and hello...
we really need to get some conversations going ok? so what is everyone doing these days? i have fair tomorrow so i'm busy working on my projects...then i have a drama camp for a week. how about you guys?
The Pirate Queen-AM

bad boy

hello all

Posted by pirate_lady_09 on 2004.06.15 at 13:43
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hi, i just joined this community and i know it's roll playing so i was wondering if i could play Slightly? please please? well i'll start working on a bio

guitar puck
Posted by dabria on 2004.01.31 at 22:53
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Peter flew to the tree house, still a little melancholy, but he knew if anything could cheer him up, it was his lost boys. well, boy. He wondered where rudy and mari were, hoping they were in the tree house so they could do something. whether it was playing tag with the crocodile, or baiting captain hook, he was in the mood for mischief.

He poked his head through the concealed door, swooping into the secret hideout. He noticed Pockets there, and called over to him. Mari was there, as usual, perched on pockets shoulder, and he called ot her too.

"Come on guys, im tired of lying about, lets do something!" he said to them, literally hopping to get out and wreak havoc on neverland.

"What would we do peter?" asked mari, buzzing round his head, reminding him of tink sitting on the cloud by herself.

"I have an idea" he whispered conspiratorily "lets go and tease Hook! we havent done that in ages, and i would hate for him to think we were gone!" Peters eyes shone at the idea of mischief as he looked at the boy in front of him. How he wished the rest of the lost boys were here, but he coudlnt dwell on that. He looked to rudy and noticed the boy was nodding his head eagerly, then, with mari whispering in his ear, he pulled on peters arm to ask him a question.

i love david flair
Posted by kiligreenleaf on 2004.01.25 at 02:40
Full Name: Fera Mackenzie
Gender: Female, of course!
Appearance (including species/ethnicity): caucasian, long black hair, blue-grey eyes. British. She's about 16 years old and about 5'5 or so.
Brief History: Born to a noble family. But when her family started to talk about her "coming out" party she began to hate the idea of becoming an adult. So she ran away. She doesn't quiet remember how she got to Neverland.
Personality: She's manipulative. She's cunning. Brave. She's quiet a good storyteller.
Alignment (Good/Bad/Neutral): Neutral...she's welcomed among the Lost boys, although she doesn't live with them, but she also has a darkside to her as well...she sometimes gets involved with the pirates
Other: She's a girl who doesn't want to grow up...what more could there be...

What've ye got in yer pockets?

Posted by pickety_pockets on 2004.01.18 at 18:45
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Ok, i wouldve posted this earlier, but im non-observant, and so i thought it was up to dab to add me >< but i know now, and so i shall post le bio. Here's what's in me pockets:

Full Name: His name is Maverick, although he has forgotten his last name. He likes to be called Pockets, because that's the only name he can remember.

Gender: He is a boy, and a silly one, at that. :p

Appearance (including species/ethnicity): Pockets is a small, English boy, about 6 years old. He has messy short brown hair that sticks this way and that, and it hasn't been brushed since the last time his mother forced a comb through it (which was quite a long time ago, or it might've been only a few days, he can't remember). He has big brown eyes that; when you meet him for the first time, make him look like the most innocent boy on earth. He is covered from head to toe in dirt, and has not taken a bath since even farther before his hair had last been brushed.

Brief History:
Maverick was born into a very rich and respectable family that especially wanted a son to carry on the family business of making and selling grandfather clocks. As Maverick grew older, his parents (Frederic and Annabelle) came to dislike how their child had turned out. They loved their son dearly, but almost every time they went out, Maverick would come home with something new: a diamond ring, a golden necklace, a purse filled with make-up and pounds, once his parents even found a rather large top hat on his head (it was way too big for him, of course, and could be described better as "his head was found inside the top hat, which happened to be attached to his little neck). Each time his parents would get even more disappointed in him. His parents took the top hat off his head, and read the signature inside, in hope that they would be able to return it with no harm done. As if it couldn't get any worse! It was the ambassador’s top hat! Their son had stolen from the ambassador of London! How was this to be done? If they approached him with the hat that had been stolen from him, he would immediately blame it on their son, and then point his finger at them and how they had brought their son up terribly. Then everyone in London would hear the tale, and think of them as terrible parents from then on.
Of course they had to give it back, but they did so only after they had put their troublesome son up for adoption, later making up a story that they had found it outside on the street. Their family was thought highly of, and would not suffer such a blow to their reputation. Maverick was dropped into the nearest orphanage, where he was treated terribly and given horrible food that he refused to eat. Maverick’s hair got messy, and his feet and hands got dirty. He would stay up all night while the other orphans were asleep and steal the decent food they had in the kitchen, and rummage through everyone else's things (well, what they had that was theirs, anyway).

Finally one night, just when the lights went out, Maverick slipped out of bed and sneaked down the stairs, making sure no one saw or heard him. Luckily for the little sneak, there was one window in the kitchen that was unlocked, and so he climbed out and escaped, taking a few provisions he had taken from the kitchen with him.
Maverick did not want to return home, no, he wanted to be a "professional" burglar! He wanted to steal diamonds and gold and live everywhere, always with food inside his cheek, and nice clothes on his back. He would be the king of burglars! This thought put a smile on his face. He would be a burglar forever! But...what would happen when he grew up? Maverick's smile turned into a frown. He didn't want to grow up…
Maverick walked the streets of London each day, taking purses here and there, expensive pocket watches, and he never once got caught; those innocent eyes of his misled every one of his victims. Each night he would creep into someone’s house and into their kitchen, take a warm loaf of bread, and escape before he was seen, but the thought of growing older still lingered in the back of his mind, never fading, and thought of every once in a while.

One night, just after Maverick had taken a leg of turkey from the dining room table of a rather rich house, he saw something sparkle in the corner of his eye. Now, Pockets loved to steel things, yes, but –shiny- things he couldn’t resist! Immediately, thinking it was jewelry, he ran over to get his dirty little hands on the shiny thing that lay in the middle of the cobblestone street. As he got closer, he noticed it was glowing, and not reflecting off of something else. This made him even more curious. As he bent down to get a good look at the thing that was glowing a bright yellow, he gasped. It was a little person! Maverick stared in wonder. A little person with wings! His imagination running wild (as all children’s imaginations do), he asked the little woman if she was a faerie. The tiny shape nodded, her hands on her hips. Maverick smiled a wide smile. How great it would be to tell the whole world that he had stolen a faerie! Maverick grabbed her and put her in his pockets, then ran out of the street so that the horses and carriage wouldn’t trample over him.

When he got back to his “secret” hideout (it was a rather large and empty barrel of ale behind a pub), his pocket began to glow red, and the faerie burst through the fabric and gave him a good kick in the nose. She then tried to fly away, but sly little Maverick grabbed hold of her ankles and tried to pull her back into his (other) pocket. The faeries wings fluttered furiously, trying to break free from the boy’s grasp. Faerie dust sprinkled all over the boy’s arms and head, making him sneeze and let go of his grip on the faerie. He saw her zooming away, and, in a desperate attempt to catch her again, jumped high into the air. I’m going to get you, faerie, he thought, and chased her around the rooftops. No sooner had he done this that he realized he was flying! Maverick glanced confidently at the faerie, which sighed deep and shook her head, and then they continued their chase up into the sky, leaving the stars behind. They soon found themselves in a different world with a beautiful rainbow, and a glowing sun. The faerie flew into the forest, and inside a particularly large tree trunk. Maverick followed her, tumbling down a slide and crashing into an underground room. This was a real hiding place, he thought happily, and as he looked up, he saw another boy about his age; his hands on his hips, staring at him with an ill tempered look on his face. The faerie whispered into the boy’s ear, telling him about how the boy tried to steal her, and he drew a cutlass from his belt made of leaves, and demanded to know Mavericks name. He scratched his head, and thought. What was his name, anyway? He knew his first name was Maverick, but he always hated that name, and so he didn’t say anything. When the boy asked for his name again, he looked down at his hands which where in his pockets, ashamed.
…Pockets. Pockets! That was a great name, especially for a great burglar such as he. Maverick grinned brightly at the boy. “Pockets is me name!” he said, and the boy lowered his sword and put his hands on his hips once more. “Welcome to Home Underground, Pockets!” he shouted and returned the grin.

Personality: Pockets is sneaky, sly, clever, and all the words you can think of that mean tricky. He steals just for fun, and likes very shiny things like gold coins and diamond rings. He had been to school before, but isn’t the smartest of young boys, in fact, he and his friends would tease the smarter of the children at school. Nevertheless, he did have some manors, even though he didn’t seem to use them, unless his grandmother was to visit his house back in London. But there are no mothers or grandmothers in Neverland, so Pockets does what he wants; steals from the Indians and Pirates, and –never- takes a bath.

Alignment (Good/Bad/Neutral): He is a lost boy and one of Peter Pan’s best friends, which is considered good…although, he hates it greatly if someone calls him a “Good boy”.

Other: Like I’ve said, Pockets loves stealing, and is small and hard to catch. He would steal anything for anyone, but most likely try to keep it for himself. He’s a greedy little bugger, and always goes by the saying “finders keepers”.

I dunno if that's what ye want, i know we need more canon lost boys, but...ideas take over my mind sometimes. ^^

woahjam], marley [awesome, relax

brace yaselves, lads!

Posted by svellabrjotur on 2004.01.17 at 21:37
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Ello team! I'd like to play the role of Slightly.

Full Name: Slightly
Gender: Lost Boy
Appearance (including species/ethnicity): Species - Boy, Ethnicity - Lost
Brief History: Wellum, I live in Neverland, and... And, well, I'm not growing up. I think that's all you really need to know. You know, for now, at least. Oh, and I use the telescope!
Personality: Chipper. Funny. Lost.
Alignment (Good/Bad/Neutral): Good!
Other: So looking forward to being your Slightly!

guitar puck
Posted by dabria on 2004.01.17 at 01:18
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Peter looked over his shoulder as he went skimming across the treetops. he laughed to himself as he noticed tinkerbell falling behind, and quickly added another burst of speed to his flight.

"You'll never catch me tink!" he shouted back to her, laughing at her screwed up tiny face as she tried her hardest to speed up. She suddenly grabbed her wing and fell into the trees.

"TINK!" yelled peter, slowing to a halt in mid air and speeding back the way he had come. he dived into the trees shouting her name over and over, searching branches and leaves for the glitter of her tiny wings. he heard a giggle above him, and looked up to see tinkerbell flitting up above the tree tops.

"Tink, are you?.......you tricked me!" he shouted as he followed her out of the canopy and into the open air. She was far ahead of him, skimming over the trees. he could hear her giggle as she looked back at him, and he flew towards her with new energy. He caught up with her easily enough, and floated on his back beside her, with his arms behind his head. He was uncharcteristically quiet, and tink looked at him with concern, but with suspicion, to make sure he wasnt tricking her as she had tricked him, moments before.

She sighed as she noticed the far away look in his eyes. she knew what he was htinkin about and refused to let him dwell on it. since the lost boys had decided to stay in london with wendy, they had been on the watch for more unwanted little boys and had so far recruited just the one. his name was rudy and he was just the thing to take peters mind off wendy.

She darted down towards the sea, and peter followed her, wondering what she was up to now. she spotted rudy and mari, another fairy, flying towards mermaid bay, and she darted down to follow them. Any scent of adventure and peter usually dove right in, and the mermaid bay, with its enchanting aura and dangerous inhabitants posed all the elements of the best adventure but his eyes had lost their usually sparkle and though he seemed ok, tink knew better.

Peter galnced up at the sky, hoping agaisnt hope that he would see the shapes ingrained in his mind come flying down from the clouds, but the sky was empty. he knew it would be without looking, but he looked anyway. He knew tink was worried and he knew she was trying to take his mind off of the matter, but he didnt want to stop thinking about it. he looked to where they had alighted and realised they were on a rock in mermaid bay. The lost boy, rudy was pulling at his leafy coverings.

"What is it?" Peter asked him



Posted by ltbloodrose on 2004.01.16 at 18:01
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OK, I joined! If Mohammed can't come to the Mountain...yadda yadda yadda. Besides I'm seeing the movie tonight (yay! finally!) and once done, I INTEND to post a bio for SMEE!

Go figure, once a pirate, always a pirate!

the killers

Mariella Starblossom

Posted by thekow on 2004.01.13 at 21:07
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Sorry this took so long! I've been studying for exams e.e;

Mariella StarblossomCollapse )

I'll probably be re-writing both Mari's and Rudy's profiles as they're not as good as I'd like them to be... but these will do for now as that will probably take me months :P

riiight... *ooc...kind of*

Posted by james_hook on 2004.01.13 at 15:07
I was wondering...just when are we going to begin? I'm getting a little...anxious.

Do we need more people? *i think we do...thought we could just start out basic, simple posts just to get our muses working, yes?* I'm not sure what i'm going to do, exactly...i wish i had more time! school is eating me alive *like a crocodile!* but *and i can't resist, im sorry...* i'm going to be playing hook on tortuga, as well. cuz i mean, christ, my muse wants to get laid, and he's -not- gonna be getting much around here, if you know what i mean :P i can't help it.

anyway, there should be a layout and stamp for this community soon enough. i just have to stop shagging bothering katu so she can get it done XD

ta ta!

~JAS Hook

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Introducing Peter!!!

Posted by dabria on 2004.01.07 at 14:23
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Full Name:Peter Pan

Gender:Male *No im a boy* that -is- a male *oh..*

Appearance (including species/ethnicity): English/Caucasian, whichever you prefer. He is tall for 12, about 5'4" and he has shortish brown wavy hair. He is of average build and has piercing blue eyes. *piercing? what is this, a romance advertisement? shut up peter *they are not peircing they are just blue ok?* ok ok they are -just- blue, happy?

Brief *(brief...haha)* History: Peter was born into a rich english family, and was loved very much. His nanny however was an incabable woman, who disliked children though she had seven of her own, and had only taken the job of nanny to feed the hungry stomachs of her own brood. One cloudy day she had taken him for a walk in the park, as she did everyday, and met up with a fellow nanny. Forgetting about her charge for the moment, she got engrossed in the conversation and didnt notice when the first few heavy drops fell from the sky. *t'was cold* IM telling the story!

Peter started to cry, -*Did not!* ssshhh!- but having walked to a bench, Nanny didnt hear him. Getting more wet and miserable by the second, 1 year old peter was surprised to see a leaf hovering above his face. A mischievous, yet concerned tiny face peered round the side of the leaf and sprinkling peter with some sort of gold dust, she took hold of his hand and pulled him with incredible ease out of his pram and into the rainy night sky. Getting above the clouds, and away from the rain, peter dried off and began to enjoy his "flight". He was taken to neverland by tinkerbell,the fairy... who brought him up, after explaining that though he was growing now, he would never "Grow up" so to speak....he would never get past 12 years old. In fact once he stopped growing so would every other boy in never land, so if he wanted to bring boys here, he couldnt rescue babies as tinkerbell had done.

Peter once tried to go home to his parents to see if he was wanted, before he brought the lost boys to neverland, but he found the window shut against him, and a new baby in his place. He never visited his window again, but flew around, collecting other neglected unwanted boys to bring to neverland, so they felt they had a family too. (contrary to popular belief, peter does have feelings)*...Whatever, big deal, so do you*-shut up peter!- After bringing the lost boys to neverland, peter still flew back to england, in search of something, though he didnt know what. he often alighted outside a particular window where a young girl told stories to her brothers. He loved to listen to the stories and often remembered them and told them to the lost boys.

After losing his shadow in wendy's room,*i didnt -lose- it, it got trapped, and i couldnt get it back on....tell it right kirsty!* sorry, he didnt lose it, it came off. so after she sewed it back on again he brought her back to neverland with her brothers to be "mother" to them all. (You know the story, Ill not repeat it here)*but i want to hear the story...i like stories..* Peter....i mean it...*ok, ok ill be quiet* After leaving wendy, her brother and the lost boys back in england, peter flew back to neverland, alone, and never visited that window again.

HOWEVER (*see tis not all sad*) tinkerbell, seeing that peter was often upset and lonely, though he had recruited a few more lost boys, (and feeling slightly guilty about trying to kill wendy) flew to london, to wendys window, which was always, of course, left open. She told her about peters misery, and left a whole bag of fairy dust with Wendy. After much indecisiveness, Wendy decided she must go and see peter, if only for the last time. She and the boys (lost ones and her brothers) told their mother this time where they were going and though she didnt want them too....she let them go. They flew to neverland....and are still flying until we get this rpg off the ground.they are flying here?, whay didnt you tell me, i have to....i dunno do something, ill meet them, thats what ill do...ill go meet them..* no peter you dont know any of this yet...*what..oh right yes....dont know a thing..*

Personality: Happy-go-lucky carefree child, with little worries, except the frequent annoyance of a certain Captain Hook trying to kill him. Peter viewed this all as a game, usually, which annoyed hook even more. Peter tries to not care about anything except having fun, but to his own annoyance he is very protective over the lost boys(new and old ones) and he cares very much for wendy, though he does not show it to anyone.*ssshhh!*

Alignment (Good/Bad/Neutral): good of course, but mischevious!*am not!*

Other: The only thing not mentioned, is peters quite amazing ability to handle weapons. He has often gotten himself out of a situation but fighting, especially with his sword. He carried it at his waist, as he does his dagger, so that he is never caught unawares, despite Hooks best efforts. (dont tell him i said this though, dont want him to have get conceited) *I heard that!*...damn

the killers


Posted by thekow on 2004.01.07 at 00:03
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Rudolph HargroveCollapse )

Will post Mariella's description tomorrow, as it's midnight and I'm being forced off the computer :X

Just a bit of pixie dust..

Posted by pixyish on 2004.01.04 at 18:07
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Full Name:Tinkerbell Lilydale


Appearance (including species/ethnicity):A flower pixie,Tinkerbell was born to Queen Rosenymph. She is of the royal and lasting first line of Pixies, and her kind thrive in nature and especially flowers, where they get most of their food and nourishment from. Without any kind of plantlife, she will die. Otherwise, pixies can live forever. She has over 20 brothers and sisters since her mother is the orginator of the royal bloodline. Pixies never age in their beauty. Thier features may change somewhat, but their beauty and strength always stays the same and strong, provided they are in the proper environment for themselves. They have infinite ammounts of pixie dust, but must be decently nourished in order to produce decent ammounts.

Brief History:Tinkerbell was always the restless pixie, causing trouble and making her fellow siblings cry or become distressed. Her mother sent her away because of how troublesome she was becoming. Since being exiled, she has found Peter Pan on the island of Neverland. She taught him how to fly and she became the watcher of the Lost Boys whenever he would go out on journies. She also is very good friends with the mermaids, and they tend to cause loads of trouble together, especially when newcomers such as Wendy arrive. She is also very fond of Princess Tiger Lily and has a special connection with her tribe because of how sacred they hold nature. tink has animosity for anyone who abuses the forest.

Personality:She is naughty and very cruel and tricksy at first, but when Tink's trust and friendship is gained, it is there for life. She is willing to put her life on the line for her friends, and sees all of the Lost Boys and Peter as family, and so she is very protective of him. She is afraid that her friends will leave her alot of the time, and she can turn cold and defensive when she feels threatened.

Alignment (Good/Bad/Neutral):Good. Although her motives and actions can sometimes be blurred because of her wide ranging emotions and it's difficult to keep them all pent up inside her little body, all in all she is well meaning and good.

[there you have it. dammit, i couldn't resist.maybe we'll actually start talking again Kirsty ;]

Posted by kozi345 on 2004.01.04 at 15:00
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Uh.. can.. I be.. Tinkerbell? o.o I always wanted to be a fairy...so if that's okay.. I'd like to play her.

*swiping the best character, straight away*

Posted by james_hook on 2004.01.03 at 23:55
Name: Captain James Hook

Gender: Last time I checked 'James' was a rather manly name, although he does pay a rather girlish amount of attention to fashion, I suppose.

Appearance *including species/ethnicity*: Captain Hook is I suppose what one could consider a caucasian Englishman *owing to the accent* His hair is quite dark, but with highlights from spending so much time in the sun. It normally lays over his back and shoulders in pretty and precise sausage curls, but is rather scraggally first thing in the morning after many nightmares about that annoying brat, Peter Pan. His eyes are blue as forget-me-nots, save for when he runs you through with his hook, and they glow blood-red. He has a neatly-kept goatee and a gold earring through his left ear. His taste in clothing is impeccable, and he spoils himself with jeweled rings, velvet jackets decorated with gold brocade, and a myriad of expensive plumed hats. He stands an even six feet, and is trim and fit. (One would have to be in order to keep up with that Pan character.) He has a very charming smile full of gleaming white teeth *nothing piratey about -this- man's dental hygiene...* He sports an iron hook on his right arm in lieu of the hand that Pan cut off and threw to a gigantic crocodile, years ago. Over all, James Hook is a dashing, well-dressed gentleman pirate captain.

History: Not much is known about James Hook before he came to Neverland along with his crew of miscreants. No one really knows how they got there, no one really cares.

Before his war with Peter Pan began, James' life was peaceful, or at least as peaceful as the life of a pirate can be without getting too boring. He'd chase mermaids in longboats, hunt Indians and smack pixies around for sport. Then, one day, a boy-child was brought to the Neverland by a pesky pixie named Tinkerbell, and everything changed for Captain James Hook. Pan began pestering him when the whelp was barely twelve years old; the time in his life when he decided that bothering poor defenseless pirates was a good way to pass the time in this place where no one ever grows old. That's when the trouble--and the real adventure--began.

Personality: Hook is a rather sarcastic character, with a sneer always lurking in the corner of his mouth. He is a patient man, but is growing tired of trying to kill Pan and failing. This incessant trying and failing to kill the brat is beginning to weigh on his self-confidence and mental well-being. In short, he is often found moping alone in his cabin, a good bottle of rum in hand and a red tear in his eye. *After all, how would -you- feel if you were constantly bested by a twelve year old boy, eh?*

His supply of charm is never-ending, and he'll turn it on in the twinkle of an eye. However, he is quick to anger and if you're the unfortunate soul to piss him off, you probably won't live much longer. *He loses at least two crew-mates per day due to his bad temper, or so it would seem* He is a very sneaky, slimey, cunning man, but something *ahem, Pan!* always seems to ruin his elaborate plans, which can get him quite disappointed. Despite his failings, he has a commanding presence and is well-respected and feared by his crew, as well as all the inhabitants of Neverland.

However, one thing that he tries not to let his crewmates see, lest they lose respect for him, is that he's a terribly lonely and tragic man, as his only company are idiots and mischevious pre-teens, and of course that ticking crocodile, who visits now and again...

He is extremely resentful toward Pan, and wants revenge on him more than anything...except, perhaps, some decent company. He lacks female influence in his life and therefore clings to what sparse memories he has left of his dear old mother. *In short, this guy's pretty desperate for a shag, and could easily get one due to his charm, wit and good looks, but alas, there aren't really any candidates...that is, until Wendy shows up, and she -is-a bit young for him, dash it all...*

Oh, and he -hates- being called a codfish.

Alignment *good/bad/neutral*: He's not evil...he's just...misunderstood.

Other: In spite of his lack of a right hand, he is rather good at playing the harpsichord and does so when he's in a good mood. He also has a pleasant singing voice to go along with his playing.

James doesn't like living in Neverland, but will not, cannot leave until he's accomplished his lifes' goal--to send Peter Pan to his doom, once and for all.