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My Character Bio

Posted by tornxfairy on 2004.07.22 at 00:35
Full Name:Slightly
Appearance (including species/ethnicity):About 5'2, 100 pounds, Brown messy hair, brown eyes, and a lost boy.About 12 or 13.
Brief History:He fell our of his pram when the nurse wasnt looking, and wasn't claimed in the 7 days. Therefore he was sent to the Neverland to be a lost boy.
Personality:Funny, nice, can be tempermental, the leader.
Alignment (Good/Bad/Neutral):All Good
Other:Nothing really
(please i really wanna play this role. I have this group called the lost girls that me and my friends have. I made it up and im slightly and it means alot to me because hes the leadrer and everything. so pleeeease!)

By the way. Im Jessie, i just joined lol, i really wanted this part.


rockylovsemily at 2004-08-31 08:24 (UTC) (Link)

OMG! Slightly is my favorite lost boy!!

you dont know me but i love Peter PAn too!!!!!ahhh ive nevwer seen anyone who actually knows the bios of the lost boys ahh youre so cool lol
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