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Ok people, here's the deal...this is a role playing community based on the new Peter Pan film. Im the mod, and i am also Peter. There are three mods for this community, myself (Kirsty), Jacq (Hook) and Katu (Wendy). Since I am only part of one other rpg community, I am going to do things the same way as they do there. So heres what you have to do to join:

1. Write up a biography of the character you want to play...(we still need a Tinkerbell, Smee, John, Micheal, etc.)
    Your bio should include:

    Full Name:
    Appearance (including species/ethnicity):
    Brief History:
    Alignment (Good/Bad/Neutral):

2. Then either myself, Jacq or Katu shall "Stamp" or admit you to the community.

3. Then you can post at will *-not- Turner*! but please keep it believable (i.e. canon, in character)!!

Use characters from the movie, or make up your own, but if you are using well known characters, then please keep them as close to the real thing as possible. For example, Wendy is not going to suddenly up all and join Captain Hook, since she is secretly in love with him. Not going to happen ok? (No, Hook will remain, as always, old, alone, and done-for *sniffle*)

As soon as I get a stamp for "admitting" people I shall display it here, but until then, wait for my word!

Kirstydabria.....Peter Pan
Jacquiejames_hook........Captain James T. Hook
Katukatu...........Wendy Moira Angela Darling

thekow.......Rudy the lost boy

Just so you all know, the story so far is in peters bio, go read it.